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Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi’s interview canceled after female anchor refuses to wear ‘hijab’ world news

New York: Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi, who is currently in New York for the United Nations General Assembly, canceled an interview with veteran CNN news anchor Christian Amanpour after she refused to wear a headscarf (hijab). The interview will be Raisi’s first in the United States. CNN journalist Amanpour said she was asked to wear a headscarf as a matter of respect given the ‘situation in Iran’. Violent clashes erupted between Iranian security forces and protesters angered by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in police custody over the weekend. The police crackdown has claimed at least 31 lives so far.

In a series of tweets, CNN anchor Amanpour explained the entire story behind canceling the interview.

He tweeted, “This was going to be President Rice’s first interview on US soil during his visit to NY for UNGA. After weeks of planning and eight hours of setting up translation equipment, lights and cameras, we were ready. But no sign. of President Rice.”

In another tweet, Amanpour said, “40 minutes after the interview started, an aide came. The President, he said, advised me to wear a headscarf as it is Muharram and the holy month of Safar.”

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She said, “The aide made it clear that the interview would not take place unless I wore a headscarf. She said it was a matter of “respect” and referred to the “situation in Iran” – a country with protests.”

He also tweeted, “And so we left. The interview didn’t happen. As protests continue and people are being killed in Iran, speaking with President Raisi was an important moment.”


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