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Moscow says 55 Ukrainian servicemen have now undergone a prisoner swap with Russia

MOSCOW: Russia said on Thursday it had freed 55 army personnel in the biggest prisoner exchange since its inception with Kiev. MoscowUkraine’s military operations are now in Russia.
“All servicemen have been transported to the territory of the Russian Federation by military transport aircraft and are in medical facilities of the Ministry of Defense of Russia,” the ministry said in a statement.
It said the released prisoners were “in mortal danger” while in captivity.
“They are receiving the necessary psychological and medical support,” it added.
Not mentioned in the statement Victor MedvedchukA former Ukrainian lawmaker accused of high treason and an ally of President Vladimir Putin, who was released in exchange.
After the exchange announced Wednesday, Ukraine received 215 people, including fighters who led the defense of the Azovstal steelworks in Mariupol that has become an icon of Ukrainian resistance.
Also in the statement, at the defense ministry’s daily briefing, Moscow accused Kiev of “provocating” Russia. Zaporizhzhya Nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine “aims to pose threat of man-made disaster”.
It said that over the past 24 hours, Ukraine had repeatedly shelled the nearby town of Energodar and the area near the plant, Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, adding that radiation levels were “normal”.
The center has become a hot spot for nuclear concerns after reports of attacks there.


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