11 sets of twins just graduated in New Jersey. But that’s not even a record for this high school


Eleven sets of twins graduated from a New Jersey high school this week, but surprisingly, that’s not a school record.

“We have a lot of twins here, I don’t know what’s going on here, but something is going on!” Joseph Occhino, principal of North Highlands High School, told CNN.

“Pretty wild to have that many sets of twins,” said Occhino, who described Thursday’s graduation ceremony as a “beautiful night.”

Occhino said that of the 340 students in the Allendale school’s graduating class of 2023, 22 are twins, representing about 6 percent of the senior class.

Upon closer inspection, the principal realized that this was not the first time Northern Highlands had seen so many sets of twins in one classroom.

“We actually had 16 sets of twins (in) the graduating class of 2021,” Occhino said.

The number of sets “probably went over our heads because it was COVID,” he added.

Occhino said he continued to research the current student body and found that the school’s sophomore class contained 12 sets of twins.

“That’s amazing in itself,” he said.

Of the 11 sets of twins who just graduated, only one set is attending the same college, Occhino said, adding that some plan to attend schools “down the road” from each other, while others will be across the country from each other by the other.

“They’re very close, they look out for each other,” Occhino said.

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