A San Antonio airport worker has died after being “ingested” in the engine of a plane in Texas


Authorities are investigating the death of a worker on the ground at San Antonio International Airport that was “ingested” into a plane engine on Friday.

“On Friday, June 23, Delta Flight 1111 arrived at San Antonio International Airport in Los Angeles and was proceeding to the gate with one engine when a worker was ingested into that engine at approximately 10:25 p.m.,” the National Council for Transportation Safety. he said in a statement to CNN Sunday night.

The safety board said it was continuing to gather information about the event.

An airport spokesman said San Antonio International is working with authorities on their investigation.

“An accident occurred Friday evening at San Antonio International Airport (SAT) resulting in the death of an airline ground crew member,” spokeswoman Erin Rodriguez said in a statement.

“We are deeply saddened by this incident and are cooperating with the authorities as they begin their investigation. We will share more information as details become available.”

Delta Air Lines said it was heartbroken by the loss.

“We are heartbroken and grieving the loss of life of a member of the aviation family in San Antonio. Our hearts and full support go out to their family, friends and loved ones during this difficult time,” a Delta spokesperson told CNN in an email.

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