Parts of Arizona have seen temperatures of 110 degrees every day this month. And it’s about to heat up


Arizonans endured scorching temperatures for more than two weeks and that hot streak is about to get even hotter with a brutal heat wave starting to take shape ahead of the weekend.

Temperatures in Phoenix have reached 110 degrees Fahrenheit every day this month. On Wednesday, the high in the city was 111 degrees, marking the third-longest streak in Phoenix history of continuous temperatures of at least 110 degrees, according to the data. National Meteorological Service. The longest streak, set in 1974, was 18 days.

Forecasters expect it to be hot this weekend record breaker, reaching 119 degrees in some parts. “The Southwest often has the hottest temperatures in the country during the summer months, but this is not a typical summer heat wave,” CNN meteorologist Taylor Ward said. “Over the next few days, many locations will experience some of the top 10 temperatures on record.

“This kind of heat needs to be taken seriously because heat stress can set in very quickly for those out in the elements.”

Dangerous temperatures follow with the rest the world’s rising climate records amid a climate crisis that is rapidly warming the planet. Scientists have warned that there is an increasing likelihood that 2023 will be Hottest year on Earth.

Over the next week, nearly 70 percent of all Americans will see a high temperature of 90 degrees or above, while more than 55 million people will see temperatures of 100 degrees or above.

In Arizona, an excessive heat warning is in effect for most of the state, including Maricopa County, where the state capital is located.

And the sweltering heat there won’t get worse, but will expand further west into California and Nevada, with several locations in the region expected to match or break their record high temperatures by the weekend, according to the data. Weather Forecast Center.

“Dangerous heat approaching,” National Weather Service in Las Vegas said Tuesday. “Temperatures later this week may cause daily and all-time records with little or no relief overnight.”

A volunteer distributes cold water at the emergency heat aid station at the Salvation Army's Phoenix Citadel Corps on July 12, 2023, in Phoenix, Arizona.

Further east, in parts of the Plains, Lower Mississippi Valley and Southeast — which have also been scorching high temperatures — the heat and humidity will make it feel warmer than 115 degrees this week, he said prediction center.

“It is imperative,” the prediction center warned, that people take steps “to limit their exposure to the oppressively hot weather as it looks set to remain for now.”

In Arizona’s Yavapai County, authorities found a “severely dehydrated” Buddhist monk who went missing Saturday night after he failed to return from a walk. according to a Facebook post from the sheriff’s office.

The monk was located the next day about 20 to 25 miles from the temple where he had started the walk and was checked by medical professionals who determined he was dehydrated, the sheriff’s office said. said.

State Department of Public Safety urged Arizonans should make sure their cars are stocked with water, sunscreen, charged phones and plenty of gas amid the dangerous heat.

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