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Watch the video Noida’s Supertech Twin Towers demolished; The explosion destroys buildings within seconds

Noida’s high-rise supertech twin towers were finally demolished at 2.30 pm on Sunday (August 28) after months of preparation and planning. The Supreme Court ordered its demolition in August 2021 after the construction of buildings named Apex and Sian violated minimum distance norms. It only took 9 seconds to destroy.

Watch the full demolition video here:

Mumbai-based Edifice Engineering demolished the towers. It used the waterfall implosion method to bring down the buildings. It was estimated to leave behind a massive 80,000-85,000 tons of debris. Of this, 50,000-55,000 tonnes will be used to fill landfills and the rest will be transported to specific locations. Interestingly, it will take about three months to remove the debris.

Noida Police Commissioner Alok Singh told CNN News 18 that everything went as planned and the teams performed outstandingly. “Follow-up work continues.”

A building official told PTI that there was no damage to residential towers adjacent to Panna Court after the Supertech demolition.

Noida CEO Ritu Maheshwari said that by and large, the surrounding housing societies were not harmed. “Some debris has come towards the road. We will have a better idea of ​​the situation in an hour.”

Edifice Engineering Partner Utkarsh Mehta also said everything is safe. “There is no harm to the surrounding community.”

For the demolition, about 3,700 kg of explosives brought from Palwal (Haryana) were used. It was a mixture of dynamite, emulsion and plastic explosives.

Indian blaster Chetan Dutt pressed the final blast button at 2.30 pm on Sunday.

Supertech in a statement on Sunday assured all its homebuyers that the Supreme Court order will not affect any other ongoing projects and all other projects will continue and it is committed to complete construction as per schedule and deliver flats to allottees. At the time, it said in the statement.

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